Bedside Lamp
    Bedroom lighting, including table, floor, and wall lamps.

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Bedside Lamp
Light up your bedroom with a table, wall, or floor lamp next to your bed

Most people have a bedside lamp because they want to read before they go to sleep. Having a lamp right beside your bed gives you the convenience of just leaning over and turning it off once you have done your reading. In this case you should look for a lamp that is easy to turn on and off and one that you can reach easily.

If you have a night table right beside your bed then you can get a bedside table lamp. They are available in any color, size and shape imaginable and can add a soft ambient glow to the bedroom.

If you don't have a table available you can look for a short floor lamp or a floor lamp that is bendable so you don't have to get out of bed to turn it off.

You can also get a lamp that you can clamp right onto your headboard. There are a variety of styles to choose from, but it is best to get one that does not overheat very easily. They can get extremely hot, and some are made of metal that can actually burn you if you touch them after the light has been on awhile. Search around and find a good one that stays cool.

Try to avoid lamps that have a tri-light socket. These lamps will give you a different range of lighting, and every time you turn the switch you will make it brighter. This is not very convenient for a bedside lamp. You want something that you can switch off with one turn of the button. Tri-light lamps are better suited for a living room that needs various shades of light at different times.

You'll be able to find a lamp to match the decor of your room very easily. Some stores sell lamps with matching bedding, which gives a really nice look to the room. You can usually only find these at the higher-end stores or on the Internet.

There are some really fun children lamps you can get. If you have a little girl you can get her a beautiful Princess bedside lamp, and for a little boy a racing car one. You can look on the Internet and find almost any kind of children lamps made from animated characters or almost anything. EBay has a great selection, and you can always find a great deal there.

If you are looking for a bedside lamp for a guestroom, make sure that it is a warm inviting bed lamp that you get, instead of something bolder. You want to give a welcoming impression to the room instead of a dramatic fashion statement.

If you're shopping for a bedside lamp, remember that it only takes one lamp to change the whole room tone. You may want to find a lamp store that allows you to take a lamp out on hold and try out a couple in your room before the purchase goes through. Some stores will do this because they understand that it isn't easy to match a lamp to the room when you are shopping in the store.

You can get a bedside lamp at very good prices if you take some time to shop around. You should not have to pay more than $50-$100 for a good pair of bedside table lamps, and less for a floor lamp or clamp-on light. Have fun shopping for your new lamp!

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