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    Bedroom lighting, including table, floor, and wall lamps.

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Cheap Floor Lamps
Effective lighting solutions for homes that won't break your wallet.

If you need some extra lighting in a room then you may want to consider getting a couple of cheap floor lamps. If you get the right kind you can have all the light you want in a room by just adding one or two. You don't have to blow your budget to get good lighting.

The great thing about floor lamps is they can be placed anywhere in a room and you are not restricted by table placement in the room. Table lamps are great, but since they can only be placed on a table you are more limited.

Cheap floor lamps are great for lighting a corner of a room where it is needed. Some corners have a chair and need a little extra lighting for reading or doing other activities.

Arc floor lamps work well when you have an area that needs some concentrated light. These lamps bend over an area and are wonderful if there is no space available for a table lamp. Many floor lamps are also adjustable so they can spread their light over the whole room, or provide a stronger light one in a smaller section.

There are different kinds of cheap floor lamps available, but if you want one that gives the best lighting you should look for a lamp that has a tri-light socket in it. This kind of socket allows you to use a lightbulb with a higher wattage. Some allow up to a 150-watt light bulb to be used. You can then get a bulb with 50/100/150 watts of lighting power. This will make your room nice and bright.

If you are looking for cheap floor lamps to add to the room d├ęcor, and not are not worried about the light so much, then you will have a much greater selection to choose from. You can get them in brass, metal and plastic. The shades come in a wide variety of fabrics as well. You can even get the shades made out of paper to be used with very low wattage bulbs.

You can find cheap floor lamps at regular department stores like Wal-Mart, or you can look at secondhand shops and garage sales. Secondhand stores often have cheap floor lamps that are still in great shape at a steal of a price. Sometimes you can end up walking out of the store with a little-used designer floor lamp for ten or twenty dollars.

Cheap floor lamps usually cost between forty and seventy dollars new. If you watch for sales you can get them even cheaper.

Choose cheap floor lamps are the solution when you need some lighting but don't have a spot to put a table lamp. At the same time, you can buy one that adds a decorative flair to your design scheme, and you will have served two purposes for the price of one.

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