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Traditional Table Lamps
Classic table lighting with simplicity and elegance

Traditional table lamps are the types of lamps you see in most homes and offices. They consist of a lamp base, a lightbulb and a lampshade in the traditional style. They are much simpler than the new contemporary types of lamps, but their simplicity is matched with elegance.

Traditional lamps never have and never will go out of style. If you buy a traditional table lamp you can count on it for many years to come. New contemporary types of lights come and go, and need to be replaced as fashion dictates with newer styles that come with higher prices. If you're looking for a lamp that will last many years then you should choose traditional table lamps.

Sometimes it can be tricky to find the perfect lamp for a room. Not only do you have to find the right base but you have to find a shade that will work as well. Some beautiful bases come with very ugly shades, but if you do fall in love with a certain base you should be aware that you can purchase another shade for it to make it work in the room.

You can take your lamp base to any lighting store and ask for a shade fitting. They will take out various lampshades and try them on for you. This is the only way to purchase a lampshade for a lamp. You can't do measurements and then just go in and pick one out; you have to try them on the lamp to find the exact one that complements the base. If you do choose one of the lampshades you will probably end up returning it not knowing if you could have chosen better.

Traditional table lamps are available in so many different colors, shapes and sizes that you never really have to look at contemporary lamps.

If you're looking for a very simple lamp and have a small budget you can just head over to your regular department store and find a cheap decent lamp. You can also look at secondhand stores if you really want to save money and only need something to light a room. It is quite hard to find a matching lamp that fits the room’s decor at a secondhand store unless you hit it lucky.

If you're looking for traditional table lamp's to match a modern antique, French country, colonial or Victorian style room then you should look for an antique finished look or a traditional glass and brass lamp. The shade should be in a light cream to dark cream color, or a very pale white. It is best to get a solid brass lamp instead of a brass-coated one if you can afford it since brass will pit if exposed to air. All brass lamps have been protected with a lacquer but sometimes this protection is very thin. Solid brass lamps can be cleaned and the re-lacquered, whereas the ones with only one layer of brass cannot. Once they start pitting you will have to get rid of them because they look horrible.

Traditional table lamps can be found in any furniture store, if you're looking for a solid brass lamp, or a mid-to high-end kind. You can usually get a good pair of lamps for about $200 and up at these stores.

Traditional table lamps can be used in any room, and will last for many years. Consider this before buying any new revolutionary contemporary model of lamp that will go out of style before you know it.

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